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In this captivating acrylic-on-canvas masterpiece titled "Tortuga," completed in 2019 by the talented artist Rick Bogert, the serene and enchanting world of the sea turtle comes to life in stunning detail and vibrant colors. This painting transports viewers to the depths of the Caribbean, where the tranquil beauty of the ocean's inhabitants unfolds before their eyes.

Surrounding the sea turtle, an underwater oasis of coral reefs springs to life. The coral formations are rendered with striking authenticity, their vibrant colors and intricate textures creating a mesmerizing backdrop. The coral's hues range from vivid reds and oranges to soothing blues and purples, showcasing the rich biodiversity of the Caribbean waters.

Shafts of dappled sunlight filter down from the ocean's surface, casting a gentle glow that bathes the entire scene. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the underwater world, creating a sense of depth that draws viewers into this ethereal realm.

In "Tortuga," Rick Bogert has masterfully captured the essence of serenity and the delicate balance of life beneath the waves. The sea turtle, a symbol of wisdom and endurance, moves through its underwater domain with an aura of timeless grace. The painting invites viewers to linger, to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the ocean, and to marvel at the beauty of nature's hidden treasures.

As viewers gaze upon "Tortuga," they are transported to a realm of underwater wonder and tranquility, where the sea turtle's gentle presence harmonizes with the vibrant colors of the Caribbean reef. Rick Bogert's exceptional artistic talent has given life to this breathtaking masterpiece, a testament to the enduring allure of the sea and its captivating inhabitants.

Print size, Media and Limited Edition (LE) Size:

11 x 13 -  LE of 300

17 x 22 - LE 1000

22 x 30 - LE of 495

30 x 40 - Canvas - LE of 95 (Gallery Wrap Optional)

*Optional Canvas Gallery Wrap - Canvas is stretched around 1 1/2" stretcher bars - There is no frame required and painting ships ready to hang on arrival. 


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