Sailfish Ball

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Acrylic on canvas painting entitled "Sailfish Ball" was completed in 2005.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of marine art with our captivating Sailfish painting. This exquisite masterpiece beautifully captures the grace and power of one of the ocean's most iconic and majestic creatures. Crafted by a talented artist with a profound appreciation for marine life, this artwork is a testament to the beauty that dwells beneath the waves.

Our Sailfish painting brings this magnificent fish to life. The Sailfish is depicted in mid-action, its dorsal fin raised in a thrilling display of agility and speed as it darts through the ocean depths chasing a bait-ball. Adorn your home, office, or gallery with this breathtaking Sailfish artwork to infuse your space with the timeless allure of the sea. It serves as a captivating conversation piece, a symbol of the ocean's untamed beauty, and a genuine work of art that leaves a lasting impression.

Print size, Media and Limited Edition (LE) Size:

11 x 13 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 300

17 x 22 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 1000

22 x 30 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 750

30 x 40 - Canvas - LE of 195 (Gallery Wrap Optional)

*Optional Canvas Gallery Wrap - Canvas Giclee is stretched around 1 1/2" stretcher bars to give the look of an original. There is no frame required and painting comes ready to hang on arrival.  


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