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Rick Bogert's acrylic on cotton paper painting entitled "On the Fly" was completed in 2004

In the captivating painting by the esteemed marine artist Rick Bogert, a thrilling moment unfolds as a Tarpon, known for its fierce and powerful nature, darts towards an enticing fly. Set against a mesmerizing teal-blue ocean backdrop, this masterpiece embodies the drama and elegance of sport fishing, bringing the underwater world to life with exquisite detail and vivid colors.

At the heart of the composition, the Tarpon takes center stage, its immense and muscular form rendered with masterful precision. Bogert's keen eye for detail captures the Tarpon's silver scales, shimmering like liquid mercury under the dappled sunlight that filters through the water. The Tarpon's muscular body is taut with anticipation, every fin and curve poised for the chase.

This painting is not merely a portrayal of nature's spectacle; it's a tribute to the art and thrill of sport fishing. It captures the essence of the angler's pursuit, where strategy, skill, and a profound connection to the ocean converge in a heart-pounding moment of action.

In this masterpiece by Rick Bogert, the viewer is transported to a realm where nature's drama and beauty intersect, inviting us to witness the magnificent Tarpon in its quest for sustenance. The teal-blue ocean serves as the backdrop to this captivating scene, drawing us into a world of adventure and awe. Bogert's exceptional artistry celebrates the art of angling and the untamed spirit of the open sea, reminding us of the magic that lies beneath the waves.

Print size, Media and Limited Edition (LE) Size:

11 x 13 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 300

17 x 22 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 1000

22 x 30 - Museum Grade Paper - LE of 750

24 x 30 - Canvas - LE of 100 (Gallery Wrap Optional)

*Optional Canvas Gallery Wrap - Canvas Giclee is stretched around 1 1/2" stretcher bars.. There is no frame required and painting is ready to hang on arrival.


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